SoftOffice Premier | ERP Software Solution

Accounts Receivable

  • Track sales & account receivables.
  • Automatic updates as soon as invoices are paid.
  • Reports reflect the overdue invoices of clients.

Accounts Payable

  • Pay bills and manage accounts payable.
  • Track outgoing payments and pending transactions.
  • Create and print checks.
  • Reports reflect the overdue purchases.

Financial Analysis & Reports

  • Generate over 20 different types of essential reports
  • Evaluate your performance with detailed Cash Flow and Profit & Loss Statements.
  • Get an updated overview of your assets and liabilities with balance sheets.
  • Monitor daily activities with the help of journal entries.

Other Features

  • Multiple Currency Support.
  • Bank Reconciliations.
  • Powerful Auditing Tools.
  • Create & print credit sales/purchase invoices.
  • Attach scanned copies as references to your entries.

Product Catalogue

  • Maintain a comprehensive catalogue of all your products and items.
  • Create new items, edit existing ones, and disable items which no longer exists.
  • Manage serial numbers, sizes, lots, colors and brands.

Stock Control

  • Get a complete overview of the existing inventory.
  • Track the physical quantity of items by monitoring the stock card for each item.
  • Create multiple warehouses to allocate items and track their physical location.

Warehouse Transfers

  • Manage stock transfers with ease.
  • Automatic calculation of stock when transferring from one warehouse to another.
  • Ability to check stock of each warehouse before initiating the transfer.

Stock Adjustment

  • Perform easy stock reconciliation of items whose physical quantity does not match with that of the system’s.
  • Track why stock adjustment is performed (e.g. for reasons like damaged products, defective items, lost items, etc.)

Prospect & Leads Management

  • Maintain a database of prospects and leads that you need to follow up with.
  • Convert prospects into clients after quotations are approved and won.

Prepare Quotations

  • Prepare quotations for both prospects and clients.
  • Add existing products to the quotation or new ones.
  • Specify validity, payment terms, expected date of delivery, and other notes.

Generate Sales Order & Delivery Notes

  • Generate Sales Orders automatically based on quotations that are won from the clients.
  • Issue Delivery Notes once the sales order has been dispatched from your warehouse.

Sales Invoices

  • Issue sales invoices once all the items have been delivered to the client.
  • Get alerted if the client has overdue invoices before issuing a new one.
  • Automatically link invoices to the accounting journal.

Supplier Management

  • Maintain a database of suppliers for products that your order often.
  • Specify account information, payment terms, and other conditions.

Purchase Orders

  • Generate purchase orders for items.
  • Easy verification of stock availability before issuing a purchase order

Purchase Delivery

  • Issue Purchase Delivery once items have been received from the supplier to your warehouse.
  • Easy management of multiple delivery notes in cases of partial deliveries.

Purchase Invoices

  • Generate a purchase invoice for all delivery and payments that are payable.
  • Automatically link invoices to the accounting journal.

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