Omega O_LIVE

Restaurant Management Software

Omega O_Live Restaurant Management Software

O_Live is more than a Point-of-Sale.
It’s the centre of your business, online and in-store.

Get the future-proof Restaurant POS that Delivers

  • Omega O_Live Restaurant Software has all the technology you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced environment
  • Manage all your locations in one system
  • Work from a POS system that works for you and makes adjustments in real-time
  • Easy-to-use software that can scale with your business

Customize Features to better meet your Restaurant's Needs

Accounting (O-IMPACT)

  • An easy-to-use accounting software designed for individuals and businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow, allowing both small and large businesses to keep their books accurate and up to date through an easy to understand interface.
  • O-Impact’s powerful features simplify the accounting issues faced by all businesses to manage their finances, tax dues, and tax deductions, ensuring that all books are in check and in order.

Inventory Management

  • Track stock value in real-time
  • Stay on top of orders
  • Low stock alerts
  • Size and color management
  • Serial Numbers
  • Multiple Locations / Warehouses / Stores
  • Inventory Changes over Time
  • Returns of Goods from Clients / to Suppliers
  • Set automated inventory counts
  • Never run out of your most popular products and reduce errors in human stock-takes
  • Product Cost Tracking over Time

QR Digital Menu (O-MENU)

Create an absorbing experience for customers with rich content and social media widgets. Whether you operate a fine dining, quick service or a delivery operation, we have got you covered.

  • Dynamic Digital Menu: Print the O-Menu QR code on coasters to allow guests to check your menu when they’re at the restaurant
  • Advertise Special Offers: Advertise time-sensitive special offers
  • Save money and the environment: Stop using traditional marketing materials, like paper menus, flyers and posters
  • Use attention-grabbing images: Edit prices remotely, upsell specials, and promote events with O-Menu
  • Promote special offers or up-sell products: By focusing on high-margin items. Could achieve 100% ROI within 6 months

Customer Loyalty Program

Bring customers back again and again. Build your own Loyalty Program. It takes minutes to set up.

  • Centrally managed customer profiles.
  • Know your customers better with complete purchase history.
  • Bring your existing customers list to Merits with easy CSV import.
  • Run a powerful & flexible loyalty rewards program and win their repeat business.

Kitchen Display

  • Eliminate the complexity of managing paper tickets
  • Increase speed of service in your kitchen
  • Multiple language support
  • Color-coded Alerts to avoid order delays
  • Never lose a ticket. Digital tickets can’t get lost
  • Send notifications directly to your guests or your servers’ handhelds when orders are ready.

Mobile Application Tracking (O-TRACK)

  • O-Track is a powerful mobile application designed for business owners that provides on-the-go access to important information and reports of all the outlets related to their business directly from the palm of their hand.
  • Among the many capabilities of the app, O-Track allows business owners to Track their revenues and operating cost in real-time from anywhere around the globe through their mobile devices.

Table Reservation

  • Custom Floor Plans
  • Wait List Management
  • Get new reservations from your Website, Facebook, or Instagram Pages
  • Automated SMS Confirmation
  • Access your reservations from any device
  • Gain Valuable Insights with guest history analytics & Reporting

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