About Us


Ertibat Technology Solutions (ETS) was established with the aim of becoming a major provider in the IT Industry in Qatar. With the founding staff having more than twenty years of experience in the Information Technology field, ETS commenced its business under the umbrella of Ertibat International.

ETS is positioned among the major players in the corporate and small to medium business segments (SMBs) in the Qatari market. Through its four divisions namely the Software Division, Hardware IT Division, Office Supply Division and Customer Support Division, ETS provides software for restaurants and retail stores, ERP solutions, IT hardware, office supplies and support after sales. In a short period of time, ETS was able to sign several agreements with international companies to represent them in the state of Qatar in order to provide the best for its customers.

Quality Policy

We are committed to –

  1. Sustain our customers’ loyalty and confidence, by consistently meeting their requirements under applicable legal norms.
  2. Conduct an ethical competition through which the aim would be to increase the customer’s received value for money.
  3. Passionately energize and increase the sense of belonging of our Human Capital Resources through training, development and rewarding as well as through creating the perfect work environment that would enable them to fulfill their potential.
  4. Maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with partners and suppliers in the aim of extracting additional value for our customers.
  5. Continuously improve our internal processes so as to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the deployed resources.
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